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The marketed brands FERRERO, REGIA, RICCI et ZAKIA, allow FERICO to hold prevailing positions on all the distribution channels.
A former know-how inherited from FERRERO’s brand, created in Alger in 1907, gives to FERICO an unequalled expertise in the couscous grain preparation.
Ferrero Ferrero, the group’s leader brand, is the guide, helps people to prepare the couscous grain in the French and foreign retail market; but also in Food service.
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Ferrero Regia, the other French retail market brand, for large couscous grain purchasers looking for an authentic and accessible couscous.
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Ferrero Zakia, the experts brand, is mainly sold in Food Service and abroad. It offers a large and various range to satisfy all kinds of consumers. Another Ferico’s brand called Malika, is also available for exportation.
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Ferrero Ricci, the other Food Service and exportation brand keeps its authentic and traditional expertise since 1853. Ricci is one of the prefered brands upon « ethnic consumers » because of the superior quality of its grain.
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