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Leader in the world with the largest capacity of production, 50,000 tonnes of couscous per year, FERICO is also leader in France with 60 % of volume market shares in France and its products are exported to more than 45 countries.
This position is explained by the know-how and expertise developed by FERICO.
The development of products like flavoured dried and micro-waveable couscous and organic couscous.
Many countries already recognized the nutritional and gustatory qualities of the couscous. The quality of our products and our production capacity allowed us to satisfy always more customers abroad on various circuits such as retail, Private Labels, Industrialists and Food Service.
The potential of growth is still very important, as this kind of product completely fits with current consumer trends.
Le potentiel de développement est toujours très important car ce type de produits correspond parfaitement aux tendances de consommation actuelles.
More and more consumers are looking for natural and healthy products easy to use, with a fast preparation and which can be cooked to one's liking.
FERICO products meet these expectations in all respects.
The major part of FERICO products is also available in bulk for Industrialists (salads, ready-cooked dish) Packers and Food Service, in 1 tonne big-bag and bags of 5 and 25 kg.
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